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Porsche is Bringing Data to Everything with Splunk

Porsche is one of the most famous motoring manufacturers that have maintained a solid image in the world since its first iconic sports car 911 in 1963. The root of Porsche lies in Germany, and this company works intending to shape the future of sports cars with the objective of achieving value generation growth.


Porsche sports cars are fascinating, and their broad availability can be experienced throughout the world. The Luxury sports car manufacturer Porsche shared how it relies on machine data for solving multiple business problems at once.

In a digitalized organization, as the IT complexity grows, they also got to confront numerous challenges in support tickets, but after introducing Splunk into their operations, the reactive problem management became better.

Currently, Porsche uses computer data to track application performance that helps the helpdesk to use data and enhance customer experience, monitoring the shop floor, and contribute to its related automotive ventures.

Splunk helps Porsche to collect machine data from production processes and end products to get valuable insights

Porsche talks about what data is generated in Factory 4.0, what insights it enables, and how efficiency increases implemented.

They unite the tradition as well as the values ​​of the Porsche brand with pioneering technologies and a focus on sustainability. However, connectivity and digitization play an essential role here – both in the end product and in all production processes.


The frequent basis is machine data, and this is much more than just log data from servers. With an innovative insight, Porsche is shaping its future with the help of Splunk.

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Porsche aims to provide its consumers with a quality digital interface and to build better apps every day. Therefore, Porsche hired Splunk, in short, to give the latest electrical Porsche Taycan with insightful efficiency and sustainability.

Not only the automobile but also the storage system, which is key to the flourishing operation of electric vehicles, is used by Splunk. Porsche is planning to join together machine learning in Splunk in 2020 to determine where the next charging station can be built.

Porsche stands on the .conf19 keynote floor where Splunk analytics, Porsche’s usage of data, and the dashboards of Porsche telemetry were revealed.

The Porsche team presented three sessions on how they use Splunk in-depth:

  • Process Mining using Splunk at Porsche
  • Splunk electrified: Modular application building for a new Porsche Taycan.
  • Data marriage on the shop floor: stands for when supply chain information and unstructured data get together.

So, this concludes how Porsche uses Splunk that brought ease in their operations by bringing data to everything.

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