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Vodafone Optimized and Standardized Performance with Splunk Intelligence

­­ The telecommunications industry, within the sector of information and communication technology, plays a crucial role in the evolution of mobile communications and the information society.

So we can’t ignore the contribution of Vodafone company that plays a significant role in the field telecommunication sector plus renowned for being the world’s largest company which is serving people with an ample of services that include; domestic and international voice and data internet services, messaging, and fixed communication, etc.


Although the problems usually occur in every business sector, be it big or small, and Vodafone had to face some difficulties when their IT operations team lacked visibility into the health and performance of the services that were constantly exuviating. And none of any project team, designers, and architects were adept at doing anything for it.

To provide its business staff with information on supporting, troubleshooting, and tracking programs, Vodafone has introduced Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI). After deploying the use of Splunk ITSI modules, it helped the company in the below ways

  • Improved operational visibility
  • Proactive addressing of issues
  • Rapid issue resolution

Splunk lend a hand to Vodafone

Vodafone is an established Splunk client, which utilizes Splunk Enterprise to guarantee efficiency throughout its site processes, protection, and network administration.

Vodafone operations team was not capable to efficiently keep an eye on the bang on inter-reliant service components.

The absence of clear visibility into their operations makes it more difficult for them to cope with service problems during performance dreadful conditions or downtime of any module.

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Vodafone’s management tools in the Workforce Identity Control Manager were addressing the massive number of warnings. To prioritize issues became challenging for Vodafone and it was nearly impossible for the team to come across the main root that was causing difficulty and, in due course, impacted the performance of services.

Vodafone looked for the skill to map key performance indicators (KPIs) to decisive service components, so the operations team could successfully come across resolution by doing in-depth issue investigation. The company deployed Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) to provide its operations team with insights to support, troubleshoot, and monitor services in real-time.

Splunk­­ Actionable insights boosted Vodafone with IT intelligence

While the Vodafone deployed Splunk IT Intelligence simultaneously within two days, they started monitoring the services. Vodafone got to improve service innovations through Splunk ITSI by using the underlying data of several KPIs already analyzed by the Splunk program.

Their management department clearly monitors KPIs, including the number of open tickets, their condition, and the number of affected users when accessing the data from Vodafone’s remedy programs. These KPIs are also useful for the team to view trends, detect patterns, and anomalies. So, Splunk has made Vodafone capable of addressing any issue proactively.


Also, the data sources became apparent, and the operating department of Vodafone became able to provide relevant information, including Remedy Data, Resource Management, HP Business Service Management, and any other data source that teams needed.

Through Splunk IT Business Intelligence, Vodafone got to learn in real-time about the doings of their systems. As well as the visualizations through the Splunk glass table made it fast and easy to identify and solve problems and avoid any impact over their customers. Customers can now be much more involved with Vodafone services.

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Rapid & Proactive Issue Resolution With Glass Table Visualizations

Vodafone utilizes the Splunk ITSI glass table visualizations to support vast browser volumes of data and to reduce the time needed for problem detection and response.


On the other hand, with the help of Splunk IT System Intelligence, the management team set a threshold for the average amount of activated, disabled, and updated users. This enabled them to identify instantaneously if an import has failed and to correct the problem before it hits users.

Splunk IT Service Intelligence Multi KPI indicators to Vodafone

Through Splunk ITSI, Vodafone now has multi-KPI signs— although some of them do not suggest a significant impact alone on the network. Besides, they have an active approach through the system impacting end users.

Vodafone can now visibly explore the health of critical services with Splunk IT Service Intelligence and take a more proactive approach. However, Vodafone is also planning some more with Splunk ITSI to offer additional services and to broaden the uniform collection of KPIs indefinitely.

The key effects will be to expand the market across all operational levels, bring concurrently ability to manage resources, and apply Splunk ITSI to any new service’s default project reach.

Besides, Vodafone also uses Splunk to:

  • Empower the operations team to predict downtimes
  • Monitor one of the largest global ITSM platforms with 13,000 daily users
  • Explore Machine Learning capabilities for predictive maintenance

The overall overview makes it apparent how Splunk became the backbone of Vodafone because it impressively helped them to overcome from such tribulations.

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