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Pizza and Data is an unlike pairing but successful, and Dominos proved us

Perhaps you know that Dominos Pizza is a fast-food e-commerce platform that has gained massive reputation and recognition all across the world. But you may be unfamiliar with how significant challenges pertaining to data they were facing. 

By using extensive data, they wanted to better recognize and respond to the needs of their customers. Therefore here, Splunk came up as the better option that helped them in sorting out this matter.

Take a look at one of the most popular Splunk cases of Dominos, which depicts the circumstances that Dominos faced and Splunk solved.

Key points- Why Dominos needed Splunk


There were a lot of factors that Dominos addressed and wanted to resolve soon, that include:

  • They had a vast customer base
  • They had an omni-channel presence for driving sales
  • They provided multiple systems for delivery: Order food in-store, order via telephone, via their website, and through cross-platform mobile applications
  • They had several touch points for customer service
  • They upgraded their mobile apps with a new tool to support ‘voice ordering’ and enable tracking of their orders

The excess data generated gave rise to the following problems:

  • Less visibility into how customers’ need/preference varies
  • Manual searches being tedious and error-prone
  • Unpreparedness and thus working in reactive mode to fix any problem

Dominos wanted to find out a resolution to these issues, and that’s why they considered to use the Splunk tool.

Splunk- a secret ingredient leading to the Dominos growth

Splunk, pioneering a real-time organizational intelligence software platform, and Dominos became well acquainted with the qualities of Splunk and realized that it is the only way that can get them out of their dilemmas.

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Thus, Dominos Pizza utilized Splunk Enterprises to improve its online activities by developing new degrees of user engagement and awareness.  Also, Dominos didn’t delay in understanding how to use splunk.


Initially selected by Dominos, Splunk enterprise addressed IT challenges and resolved them by storing, indexing, and tracking of data, and by removing legacy technologies. It lead to advance savings that were around more than US$ 300,000.

This first investment with the introduction to Splunk soon encouraged Domino to extend its use all across its business and marketing that helped them both to generate more income. Similarly, from corner to corner of Dominos entire franchise and the corporate network, the online sales data collected from over 10,000 of its stores.

Using Splunk Enterprise by Dominos IT teams

Dominos IT departments utilized Splunk Enterprise to solve the routine problems such as fast network bandwidth and latency, internet connections, or payment processing that could lead to a significant loss for its all stores.

In addition to traditional IT activities, Dominos took the help of Splunk Enterprise to monitor market patterns around geographical locations such as-

  • What are the sales per minute?
  • What are the purchase figures per restaurant?
  • What types of pizzas and other items the customer buys?
  • And most importantly, which discounts they can use to attract customers?

In the beginning, the company made more informed marketing decisions through its new business experiences.

For example, the IT department can now monitor and generate marketing reports of what kinds of devices are used for placing orders–whether iPhones, Androids, or Kindle Fires. Now the Dominos can better conclude where and when advertising promotions can be more profitable with this information.

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Splunk is a continuous monitoring tool that offered Dominos marketing teams the ability to monitor both the effectiveness of advertising strategies and one-off promotions in real-time.

For example, the team can now calculate the percentage of discounts. If one is more productive than the other, Dominos can now make the right improvements online easily.

Dominos importance is accomplished by evaluating and correlating devices from across Splunk applications to provide organizational information, from IT to business and marketing departments.

Dominos, with its expansive approach, uses Splunk tool to perform real-time business tasks based on orders and preferences of real customers. The brand shows how strategic interaction in many different areas of companies is fundamentally transformed into digital.

So you can understand how today we see Dominos as one of the most successful fast-food e-commerce industries because there is hardly any country where you do not see their stores and franchises.

Recording data and implementing new strategy and plan for this giant company was an arduous task, but Splunk documentation impressively solved this problem for them.

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