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Change Dashboard Visualization Using Radio Button

Welcome back, today we are back with yet another tips and tricks blog, this time based on some custom modifications in the Splunk dashboard.

Let’s understand the requirement first, we have this dashboard. Here we have two panels with the same query but both are having different visualizations. One area chart and the next one column chart. Now we will create a radio button that will allow end-users to choose their required visualization. So the main purpose will be to load only one viz at a one time.

Step 1:

we will add a radio button first. Click on Edit and Add Input and choose Radio.

And do these modifications as shown.

Set a toke name as “viz”, and add two static values “area chart” and “column chart”.

Now go to source code and add the following change tags within the input.

        <condition value="area">
          <set token="area">true</set>
          <unset token="column"></unset>
        <condition value="column">
          <set token="column">true</set>
          <unset token="area"></unset>

And add depends token with the area and column panels.

Now save the dashboard and check whether it is working or not.

Thanks, Hope you all have enjoyed this blog ” Change Dashboard Visualization Using Radio Button “, we will be back with another tips and tricks vlog, stay tuned.

Happy Splunking!!

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