Privacy Policy

This privacy statement outlines information, personal data, and details that our site collects from “you,” “yours,” or “client,” including how we use that data at our site.


Our site is a blog website by Trivid Technology Services (parent company) headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal provider of advanced IT solutions in the digitalized world with skilled IT professionals.

Our site shares information with you on technology and science. Whatever you see, read and follow on our site is a part of Trivid Technology Services.

While you browse through our website, we ensure giving you the best digital experience. We are committed to serving a brilliant user experience through our knowledge sharing on our blog website – where we share materials and exciting content around technology, big data, Intelligence, machine learning, software etc. that answers your every query on the go. 

Meanwhile, we ensure that none of the data, details, or information you share with us becomes a part of any spoofing activities that affect user’s rights. Neither our site nor Trivid Technology Services supports any illegal activity that’s against human rights. 

We perceive “sharing personal details” as a sensitive matter; thus, we are committed to taking every essential measure to protect your privacy while collecting data from you. By this “Privacy Policy” Page, we clarify how your personal details are used and secured on our site.


Our site collects data that is solely intended to enhance user experience. Some of the data you share directly with us, solely at your own consent, such as – when filling up the “Contact us” form or commenting on our articles or blogs.

At the same time, some data is stored from your surfing device, using data technologies, e.g., cookies. However, users can also disallow agreeing to the cookies policy by simply tapping on the “Disallow” button that pop-up on the screen when you enter our site.

Your data can also be gathered from third parties, and by this “Privacy Policy” statement, you consent that you are informed about that. 

Though, third-party sources aren’t specific as they can vary from time to time. For instance, third-party sources may include.

  • Service providers that help our developers in identifying your regional location, your IP address to address your digital content requirement based on your interest.
  • Our Partners or anyone offering co-branded services is included in third-party sources.
  • Publicly available sources, e.g., data listed on public domain or government databases, come under third-party sources.

However, those users who don’t consent to the “Third-party data sharing” statement have the choice to refuse to share any of your personal detail.

The data we collect can include the following:

Website data– By this “Privacy Policy” statement, you consent that our website may collect data from your device to identify how you interact with our blogs. For example, we may collect this data from perceiving visitors’ behavior on our website, i.e., how much time you spend on our website, which content is more appreciated and liked etc.

Name and contact data– Our site never collects your name and contact details until you share them directly with us or list them on a public domain or website. The collected data can be anything from your first name, last name, work details, phone number, email address, and other contact details.

Demographic data– Country, where you live, and language you speak comes under this demographic data that our website may collect through your device and IP address.

Error reports– We may even collect data when you encounter any error while surfing our blog website. This helps us diagnose the problems and rectify them as soon as possible without affecting the user’s experience. 

Please Note:

Our website does not target children directly and doesn’t promote any content on our website that violates the children’s community. Parents or guardians are solely responsible for requesting us to review, edit or change information publically or privately listed on our website if they find any information that reflects their children’s identity or carries information about them. Our team will promptly take action on your request as soon as we receive your request for deletion or modification in data. 


Our site collects personal data mainly for the given reasons-

  • We collect personal contact details to interact with the user, client, and you
  • We collect personal data for advertising campaigns
  • We collect data from your device to analyze your experience on our website
  • We collect data to identify technical issues
  • We collect data to gather statistics

Please Note:

While collecting data, we adhere to strict procedural and technological safeguards to ensure user’s privacy could not be harmed or become the prey of any spoofing activity online. When you share your data with us or we collect data from your device, our digital infrastructure ensures giving you enhanced privacy.


In certain circumstances, our site may share, transfer, and disclose your personal data. In short, the circumstances may include

  • When we want to respond to a valid legal procedure, applicable law, information shared in response to a request sent by government agencies, etc.
  • To prevent our customers, users from spam or any spoofing attempts if found linked to fraudulent activity.
  • Third-party agents or co-partners have full right to personal data that a user shares with us. Upon the arrival of any urgent situation, our site can share data with them.

Please note:

Some of the third-party websites linked with our site or available on our web page may have access to your personal details. Mainly when you are using their services, you’re consenting to their “Terms of Use.” Thus, by this privacy policy statement, you agree that our site has no right to amend, request or change their “terms of use.” This also outlines that upon the occurrence of any issue related to third-party accessing (social media or third-party sources), our site is never responsible for it.


Users on our site are entitled to view, delete or amend their personal details/data/information that we hold:

  • You may ask what details/data/information about You/Yours we hold
  • You may ask us to correct and update any incorrect/incomplete, or outdated details that we have about You/Yours
  • You may request updating or erasing your details/data/information
  • You may recall your agreement for the processing of any activity at out site
  • You may even request us to get your name/image/identity erased from any marketing campaign we run

Email your request at, and we strive to respond to requests within 30 days max.


Our site uses cookies (small text files found in your device) to ensure we could deliver you the best experience through our blogs. In the mainstream, we use cookies for the following reasons:

  • Storing information. When a user shares information with us on our website, we store the data in the form of cookies as this helps our system to remember the data it gathers accurately and precisely.
  • Security. In case we encounter any issue, web-threat on our device while using our site, cookies instantly alert your system, ensuring no user is harmed.
  • Instant Browsing. If you are an active user at our site, cookies stored in your browser ensure you instantly access our website 
  • Gathering statistics. We also use cookies for gathering website statistics that help us know better about our users. 

How to Control Cookies?

Any time, whenever you want, you can allow or disallow cookies from your web browser’s setting. But make sure that by doing so, you are likely to lose access to some vital services that we are able to offer only when you accept these cookies. 


Our developers use some high-tech tools and software to ensure no unauthorized access could ruin the well-maintained and full-responsive infrastructure of our website. Your every activity on our site is monitored and kept inside fully encrypted files to ensure you don’t encounter any issues while enjoying our services.


Our site can retain your personal data for as long as necessary to ensure we could help you and sort out your queries instantly as possible. However, data collected from cookies can last for a few days or a month since it is deleted instantly when you exit our website whilst a few last in your browser until you delete them entirely from your web browser’s history.


From time to time, we can bring changes in this privacy policy statement, about which we share updates with you through the interaction medium you share with us. After updating, we always mention the “last updated” version, including the date to inform you about the newly updated policy. If you are a new user and have no past connection with us, you are solely responsible for reviewing and consenting to this “Privacy Policy” Statement.


If you have any complaints, privacy concerns, or any questions related to data protection, feel free to email us at Usually, we respond within 30 days.