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Introducing Splunk dashboard App (Beta)

Hi  everyone today we will discuss an easy way of creating a beautiful Splunk dashboard using “Splunk Dashboard App (Beta)”.

Advantage of the Beta app:

1. You can simply drag and drop all the visualizations,dropdowns, and everything.
2. You can add images and many shapes (circle, lines, and box).
3. You need to have very minimal knowledge of source code to do all the changes.
4. This app provides grid and absolute layouts.
NOTE: Unlike the conventional Splunk dashboards which use simple XML as the 
      source code but this new framework of beta app use “JSON” formatted 
      component use as the source code.

Install the add-on:
Need to have Splunk enterprise versions 7.3 0r 8.0 or more or Splunk cloud 7.3 or more.
In the launcher app click on “Find more apps

Search with “beta” and click on “Install

And log in with your splunk.com user credentials.

And restart your Splunk server.
After installing the app you can create new dashboards.

Beta app Example Hub:
Example hub provides many ways of using this beta app to create a new dashboard. This is kind of a tutorial kind of thing. If you are new to this app then this for you.

It includes all the sample design of many visualizations like area, bar, column, bubble, and many more
Search and Data:
It includes many examples of various data source types like inline search, Adhoc search, saved search, base and chain search, etc.
Includes examples of inputs and drill-down.
Dashboard defaults:
All the global defaults of dashboards.
Complete Dashboards:
It includes loads of beautiful sample dashboards.
Few sample dashboards are given below,

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Happy Splunking!!

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