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Customization Of Navigation Menu II

Hi everyone,
As we told in our previous blog: Customization of Navigation Menu I, that we will show-case another aspect of navigation menu and we are here. Today we will elaborately discuss another modern improvisation of navigation menu by adding drop-down collection.
Not getting my point right, so let’s take an example then,
In the below figure (a snapshot of https://splunkonbigdata.com/ ) within the yellow box we have our navigation menu right, but when we click on each element it opens another ladder below which consists of a sub-menu, like we showed in the green box.

Now I hope it’s clear right we want this setup to be done in our navigation menu.
So at first take a look at what our requirements look like.
1. Search
2. Reports
3. Alerts
4. Dashboards
         4.1. Integrity Check of Installed Files
         4.2. Test_Donut_drilldown

As you can see, we want a ladder sub-menu of Dashboard option which will consist of “Integrity Check of Installed Files” and “Test_Donut_drilldown” dashboards.
So let’s get the action then,
Follow below step one by one.
At first log into Splunk, go to Search and reporting app and click on Settings > User interface > Navigation menus, click on default

Now at first let me show you the query first and then I will explain the whole thing.
Within the default.xml paste this code to get that desired navigation menu.

<nav search_view="search" color="#5CC05C">
<view name="search" default="true" />
<view name="reports" />
<view name="alerts" />
<collection label="Dashboards">
<view name="donut_drilldown" />
<view name="integrity_check_of_installed_files" />


As one can see we have added one collection tag in the last and within that tag we added two dashboards view tag with dashboard ID for the drop-down stuff and rest are the same.
NOTE: If you don’t know how to get the dashboard IDs then follow our previous blog: Customization of Navigation Menu I
Now save default.xml and reload the page, you can see the changes.

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I hope you understood this topic on: Customization of Navigation Menu II

Happy Splunking !!

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