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Twilio SMS Alerting

Today we will work on an interesting Splunk trick, we will try to send Splunk alerts to your mobile using SMS service in your phone number using the “Twilio SMS Alerting” add-on. Sounds interesting right!
So let’s start.

Step 1:
Log in to your Splunk instance using your login credentials and click on Find More Apps.

Search for “Twilio SMS Alerting” and click on Install.

After this, it will ask for your login credentials of splunk.com, fill in that information, and proceed further. Thus your app will be installed successfully.

Prerequsetries For Set up the Add on:
1. You require an activation key to use this App.

Go to the following link to get a key and do as shown in the below figure.

Here we will go for a trial key, you can purchase a new one to use lifetime.
After filling this form you will receive an email with the activation key.

2. You need to Sign up athttps://www.twilio.com/try-twilio
Fill in all the required information and confirm your mail.
After that, you need to verify your phone number and you will receive an OTP, this is a mandatory step.
Then go to the “https://www.twilio.com/console
And click on settings and verify your password. There you will find your Auth token and SID.

3.Click the below link to get your trial Twilio phone number which will be used to send SMS while alerting.
This is my trial active number, make your own number by clicking the above link.

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4.Click the below link to give permission based on the region to send SMS.

Step 2:
Set Up Twilio SMS alerting add on:
Now go to your Splunk instance go to Manage Apps > twilio_alert > set up
Then fill up all of your information which is collected before.

And click on Save.

SMS Alerting:
Now we will create an alert named as “Splunk Test Alert: Failed LogIn
And in “Add Actions” we will choose “Twilio SMS Alerts”

Then we will select

To Number: The number we have verified while sign up in Twilio, in case of the 
trial period you can send SMS to verified number only, if you want to send SMS 
to any random number then you need to purchase a number from Twilio.
To buy a number please click on the below link.
Form Number: The number we have shown in the 3rd step of prerequisites.
SMS Message: Write your custom text message.

Then click on Save.


As you can see that I had received an SMS on my phone number after the alert was triggered.

Happy Splunking !!!

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