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More Streamlined Content Security With The Integration Of Box Shield With Splunk

 Box Shield is the constitutional protection product for security by Box that helps to avoid data loss. Box Shield automatically generates alerts that can signify data leakage caused by overlooked activities or threats.

The Splunk with Box Shield Add-on provides shield alerts on the occurrence of abnormal activity and security identification changes. Such functions are connected to Splunk CIM data models, allowing incorporating the dashboards seamlessly and more deeply.


To ensure more comprehensive quality and reliability of operations, the organizations have introduced Box Shield, Box’s protection software that is now merging with Splunk.

It was introduced last year by Box Shield. Box is prepared to provide user-friendly threat sensing and security controls to its box users that prevent their content. Compliance functionality, as well as integration with the security of Splunk, should help companies understand and recognize the possible safety risks that threaten their content in other applications.

As per ZDNet Box by CPO Jeetu Patel, the integration delivers a more affluent view for security analysis.

For instance, he put in plain words that if Box Shield senses unusual activities, such as someone exceedingly accessing the information in the Box, then the Integration with Splunk infrastructure can recognize this activity with other apps as unusual activity. In the event, if a box account with user accounts has been potentially compromised, proportionately, the integration should offer a more simplified response.


Thanks to the new Integration, because now security teams can monitor box shield alerts with the Splunk app and use the application for more in-depth insights to start unswervingly with the Box shield. Security teams can automatically automate response actions in boxes with Splunk Phantom.

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The Box saw high demand for Integration from its customers. “We invest a fair amount of dollars in the security ecosystem for our customers,” said Jeetu Patel.

The companies continue to cooperate well with each other, as they share their philosophy of supporting an ecosystem that is best-of-breed among suppliers. “We specialize in centralized content controls, cross-application expertise, and centralized monitoring,” said Jeetu Patel.

Consequently, Box Shield got to enjoy some significant benefits:

  • Time saved – In the beginning, the pre-built integration with Splunk resulted in the decrease of workload upon IT and security teams for security operations, ease-of-work as well as shorter time to monitor all alerts.
  • Ease of analysis – In addition to data from other programs, analysts can effectively analyze Shield alerts with the help of Splunk.
  • Deeper visibility and insights – By adding Splunk with Box Shield, the security team now has content access patterns in Box and access to suspicious activities.
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