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List Of Applications Installed On A Host Server

Today we will discuss how we can get all the applications’ names with all additional information regarding those applications, which are installed in the host server or client’s machine. This can be a very sensitive issue sometimes if you want to control what applications the client can install in their servers.

NOTE: We will demonstrate this on a Windows machine.

First of all, put this win_installed_apps.batscript in the following path:
C:\Program Files\Splunk\bin\scripts

If you want to download the win_installed_apps.bat script, please click here.

Now go to the $SPLUNK_HOME\etc\system\local
And edit inputs.conf, add below stanza.

interval = 300
index = windowslog
disabled = false

NOTE: create “windowslog index before configuring the inputs.conf.

Now restart the Splunk server by going $SPLUNK_HOME/bin
Now go to the search head and log in with your credentials.

Now go to the “Search and Reporting app and search

| table DisplayName DisplayVersion Publisher
| where isnotnull(Publisher)

In case of Linux or Unix server use the following “package.sh” script and paste into $SPLUNK_HOME/bin/scripts/

If you want to download the package.sh script, please click here.

Happy Splunking!!

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