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How To Prevent Ransomware From Affecting Your Business Through Splunk

In recent times, ransomware has derived enough mainstream strength that now it has become essential to acknowledge it because it is directly threatening core infrastructures. Recent global ransomware attacks have increased the need to defend companies and government organizations from severe threats to businesses and government institutions.

So let’s find out here how Splunk malware detection methodology in real-time helps IT and SOC to be proactive and responsive at machine-speed towards ransomware threats.

Splunk’s solution for ransomware (a popular form of malware) protection is coming up as the best way that genuinely helps to overcome this threatening issue.

Why ransomware is a rising crisis?

Ransomware is often used to steal funds from people by directly targeting the crucial systems and data. Ransomware indeed takes hostage of systems and requires a “ransom” in return to free those systems to get back them into a usable state. This can be a highly lucrative business for cyber criminals.

However, with other malware, ransomware reaches the network from mediocre players, and from there, it finds a way to distribute it among systems without “raising an alert”–as an appendix to an e-mail or by infecting a website (for example, a watering hole attack).


According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), ransomware activities are rising and it has been recorded $209 million charged to ransomware offenders in Q1 2016. The FBI predicted that Ransomware provides cyber criminals with a $1 billion revenue source in the upcoming years. However, the amount of harm from loss and market disruption due to this threat isn’t included in it. Yet you can guess what loss this ransomware has provided us!

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Prevention to Protect from Ransomware

The most advantageous defence of ransomware takes multiple steps to be prepared well. But how are you getting ready for it? How to prevent Ransomware? A good starting point for protection from ransomware attacks is the implementation of the best practice that the FBI published for the general public.

The best practices of the FBI involve efforts for prevention, such as raising awareness, risk analysis, IR strategies, and the practising of good hygiene in the fields such as patch management, security checks, preferred profiles, access controls, and the monitoring of computers together with business continuity measures.


To maximize the strategy for prevention, a constructive approach to the identification and improved response techniques is a critical best practice. It allows you to solve the types of ransomware danger even if your company has a ransomware hack, and also can educate the security work teams better about how to enhance the current police safety.

Splunk Solution: Finding & Prevention from Ransomware is now easy

Splunk will allow you to study the next moves in the ransomware kill chain quicker, more comfortably, and effectively so that you can determine better. If you want to protect your business from such malware attacks, then Splunk security is one of the most innovative and advanced ways for safekeeping. Over time, the malware threatening has increased a lot. But through Splunk, you become proficient at fighting against such threatening.

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