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Splunk Benefits to Coca-Cola: Data-driven insight and help to the IT department

One of the Splunk cases belongs to the IT department at Coca-Cola, which is using Splunk to make better decisions on their new drink flavors, and for an operational intelligence platform. Because Splunk, as part of an initiative, ensures that the decisions are data-driven at the company.


Being the Splunk client, the company was honored for marketing transformation initiative in American Information Technology and was given a “Business Innovator” prize in the field of “Productivity.”

Driving data became quick and accurate

The technology system of Splunk Enterprise helps Coca-Cola to analyze data by focusing on popular flavors, which it mixes from machines and then consider which one is more trending. With geographical information, Coca-Cola correlates that data to better stock these machines.

However, to analyze, collect, and index data generated from the machine or even from mobile devices, Splunk Enterprise also take the help of Amazon Web Services platform.

Most well-turned marketing campaigns are creativity-spearheaded, multi-faceted, and supported by an assortment of technologies in the era of digitalization.


Coca-Cola North American Information Technology has redeveloped its digital marketing strategy in anticipation of its rivalry by shifting its technology to a cloud computing system.

It allowed versatility that helped the company to develop flexible, innovative digital marketing strategies integrated with cutting edge technology that made Coca-Cola more recognized using marketing incorporation efforts.

It’s well honoring that Coca-Cola is renowned as one of the top brands of the world– and the company also got a tag who knows manifolds of things about marketing.

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Splunk as the marketing arm of Coca-Cola

The success you see of Coca-Coal digital marketing transformation is due to their intentional focus on innovation and agility as well as results. Their team’s ingenuity and partnership with top technology companies like the introduction to Splunk collaborated much more closely with the marketing arm of Coca-Cola North America to bring an unparalleled digital marketing experience to their business and customers.

Through Splunk, they also switched to digital infrastructure, using Big Data and the Internet-related technology, which helped them offer exclusive, customized services to their clients.

To make a faster and better business decision, Coca-Cola views and analyzes the data from the relevant technology in the marketing campaign through Splunk Enterprise.

The use of Splunk software proved to be a multitude of new ways for Coca-Cola that helped them in solving real business challenges and increase the system quality.

Although it’s also not too difficult to understand how to use Splunk. Splunk technologies are indeed an excellent platform for innovative IT and marketing professionals who are looking to turn communications in a more digital world.


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