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Splunk: Hyatt Developers now got more Time to Innovate with the Reducing of MTTR

The Hyatt is a well-known multinational hospitality company with over 700 properties based in over 50 countries. Hyatt hotels offer a range of diligent services, luxurious guest rooms, and innovative restaurants in some of the most exciting areas in the world.

Currently, Hyatt’s hotels and resorts are grabbing the attention of people and operating worldwide. Hyatt Hotels and resorts have a reputation not only for their architectural beauty but also for the facilities and services they offer.

Hyatt wanted to provide their guests with a smooth and pleasant experience with an aim to maximize their image next to them. Therefore, for this, Hyatt wanted a unified system to track and address server problems and enhance service performance for the accomplishment of this aim.


Simultaneously, Hyatt soon got to observe benefits with the introduction of Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit. Resulting in it helped them in the following ways.

  • Increased developer productivity
  • Faster mean time to resolution (MTTR) with real-time visibility across the entire business
  • Improved customer experience

Because before introducing Splunk into their operations, Hyatt had to confront some significant challenges where the developers were taking too much time identifying issues; lacked real-time visibility across the entire enterprise; and issues affected hotel customer experience. But after introducing Splunk, it brought an enormous business impact that resulted in:

  • Reduced mean-time-to-resolution from hours or minutes to real-time
  • Frees up developers so they can focus on innovating
  • Improves application delivery
  • Proactive monitoring results in better customer service and experience
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Why Splunk proved to be the best decision for Hyatt?

The platform development team from Hyatt wanted a centralized approach for finding and solving problems with 700 servers (one computer per hotel). Before implementing Splunk, in order to fix issues with Hyatt’s online check-in system for guests, developers needed access to individual servers.

After this complexity, it was hard to identify whether multiple servers had the same problem. Besides, they also needed a way to track and evaluate the market patterns and check new software updates for substantial changes as well as server tracking.

Based on internal feedback, for log management, the engineering team of Hyatt started using Splunk enterprise.  Consequently, the effects were positive, and the use of Splunk was extended to include the company data from Hyatt, and exposure to the Splunk site was improved from 12 individuals to over 100 everyday users.

An improved guest experience with real-time and enterprise-wide insights

Earlier, due to the time-consuming troubleshooting process, the online check-in observation for Hyatt was not as trustworthy. Before using the Splunk tool, the developers had to login onto a specific server and executed a search tool to assess what took place for hours. And in this way, they couldn’t evaluate whether there was a problem on a server locally or between multiple servers.

Their relationship with the Splunk Machine Learning Advisory Program added value to their business and allows them to address the company problems using the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit.

Hyatt’s developers have real-time visualization with Splunk software, dashboards, as well as alerts that helped them to view a problem even before the ticket opens and also reveal them the program state at present. Splunk solutions encourage developers to build up revolutionary services that enhance their guest experience.

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Analyzing data from manifold sources make more efficient application delivery and operations

In analyzing and combining data from various resources, Hyatt’s team now relies on Splunk Enterprise. Besides, in its software updates, Hyatt often utilizes Splunk Enterprise to track transactions, and the business and security groups use Splunk Enterprise to control reservations as well as its booking system.

The operating department of the development platform now had easy access to different tools, including Jenkins, Jira, and Service. Also, Splunk Enterprise helped Hyatt streamline service project management that made their approach very easy to manifold data and project’s status that, over time, has lead to their progression.

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