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Splunk amplifies innovation & perk-up customer experience for BookMyShow

The company BookMyShow is currently reputed for being India’s biggest ticketing website for entertainment. By using BookMyShow through the app or website, customers can easily book tickets for movie shows, live events, play, and sports.

BookMyShow started as a re-selling app for film theatres in 1999 and was turned into a website for cloud-based events, shows, and sports.

From INR 25,000 as initial capital to INR 391 Crore revenue, BookMyShow has traveled a long way, and today it has over 30 million clients in 5 continents.

BookMyShow currently sells approximately 15 million tickets a month, and more than 50 million devices install their app, consequently generating a large volume of information.


Nevertheless, the company was not capable to efficiently use its data, considering the data from diverse sources, such as call centres, ticketing kiosks, and their Smartphone ticketing app. But after the introduction of Splunk Enterprise, BookMyShow has magnificently received significant advantages.

Challenges next to BookMyShow

  • Inefficient data management and analysis
  • Log management limited solely to search and collection of error logs
  • No way to derive business insights from data

BookMyShow has developed rapidly with Splunk

BookMyShow has become well recognized as an innovator in the industry and has quickly grown by keeping pace with the digital revolution and the ever-increasing growth tempo. Nevertheless, this transformation has also contributed to an exponential increase in reports and logs from different places.

The traditional IT infrastructure of the organization could not turn this expansionary knowledge into actionable insights for better decision-making, restricted only to error search and log collection. And now the company was finding a more robust log management solution to support the company’s growth.

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BookMyShow has modified the infrastructure to include customized onboard data sources by way of the SmartCirqls software broker.

BookMyShow adopted SmartCirql’s recommendation to incorporate Splunk to achieve end-to-end insight across their IT systems and choosing the software for its user-friendliness, convenient-to-use dashboards, and data-enhancing functionality.

Efficacious log management boosts operational efficiency

Splunk Enterprise provides a single, unified interface for BookMyShow to handle its enormous volume of logs and computer data. The ticketing company has lowered the total cost of ownership for its infrastructure by consolidating data from various outlets and different technologies, in contrast to reaping other advantages for its staff.

In order to enhance information access, address business issues, and make more informed decisions, consumers can now instantly capture, view, compare, and interpret several types of data in realtime.

With Splunk, BookMyShow provides built-in automatic authentication processing, which lets consumers quickly and efficiently check and troubleshoot different data sources.

When a business fails on one of its most popular reservation sites, BookMyShow sends an automated warning, which enables the developer to see unauthorized consumer behavior quickly and to conduct timely repair efforts.

With time, this review and remediation allowed the development teams to establish auto-remediation activities that would now resolve issues in seconds rather than minutes.

Through this comprehensive data vision, the team becomes able to offer a more seamless experience that helps to develop relatively long-term value for millions of customers of BookMyShow.

Improved service quality & overall customer experience

BookMyShow has significantly enhanced the quality of service and its ultimate customer engagement by using Splunk data management. Visibility in realtime technology has helped the team to recognize and solve challenges in everyday operations quickly and has contributed to quicker problem-solving and satisfied consumers.

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Using Splunk’s interactive dashboards for data visualization, BookMyShow now has an accurate analysis of network stability and consumer feedback, which allows the team’s performance and customers’ needs to meet better.

With these observations, the team can now leverage data to adjust their decision-making processes easily, avoid adverse effects, and capture competitive possibilities.

Innovation in system quality

While for BookMyShow, data complexity was once a matter of concern, but the IT department now has begun to utilize it for taking advantage. Since the capability of Splunk extends far beyond fundamental error recording, BookMyShow becomes able to examine the full range of data sources routinely.

In fact, Splunk is used to track the abuse of voucher codes and abnormal behavior surrounding promotional deals to further the protection monitoring path.

Splunk Enterprise is an extremely flexible and elastic platform that allows for evolving goals and potential growth. Such adaptability helps BookMyShow to unlock its maximum potential for growth, build customer services, and open up a world of opportunities outside information technology management.

The corporation will additionally broaden the use of Splunk to support specific business applications, for example, container logs management and web server management. So in this way, Splunk is helping up Bookmyshow that turned quite lucrative for them.

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