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Send Alerts To Splunk Mobile App ( Part – II)

In the previous blog of this “Splunk Mobile App” series we had discussed about configuring Splunk Mobile App to visualize dashboards and get notified for alerts. If you want to know more about configuration of Splunk Mobile App then click here.
But how can you send the alerts to Splunk mobile app? In this blog, we will discuss about that.
Suppose we have an alert in our Search and Reporting app called “Test_alert”. We want to send that alert to Splunk Mobile app users.


Step 1:
Go to Settings > Searches, reports, and alerts and in the filter tab search for that alert which you want to send.


Step 2:
Now click on Edit and select Edit Alert.

And it will open an “edit alert” dialog box, scroll down to the “trigger actions” section and click on Add Actions, choose “Send to Mobile

After that fill mandatory blanks as shown,
To – “Name of the Splunk mobile app users to whom you want to send the alert
Severity – “Severity of the alert
Visualization – “Name of the dashboard want to show after the alert triggers, you can choose none also. In our case, we choose a dashboard called “time” that will reflect in the app after the alert triggers. ”
Rests are the optional field.
Save it.

Now, whenever this alert will trigger you will receive a notification in your smart phone’s notification bar where Splunk mobile app is installed.

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We didn’t mention any title for the alert name adding the triggering actions that’s why it’s coming nil.
Now if you click on that notification it will redirect to your Splunk mobile app.

After clicking in any alert you will find the alert details with the visualization.

I hope you have understood this wonderful trick of “Send Alerts to Splunk Mobile app ( Part – II )”

Happy Splunking!!

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