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Splunk Dashboard Customization: Create Multiple Tabs Within A Single Dashboard

Today we will show all of you, another way of customizing the Splunk dashboard. We will create multiple tabs within a dashboard and each and every tab will contain different data or visualization based on our need. By creating tabs you can provide another sight to your dashboard which will give a wonderful enhanced user experience.

Below is the sample dashboard which we will be achieved by our today’s blog,

We will create a dashboard named “Details of All Prod Host”, where we will create two tabs

  1. Cluster Maps” (it will contain all the host information within a cluster map visualization.)
  2. Details Table” (it will contain all the host information within a table visualization.)

Let’s start then.
First of all, we will create a dashboard with all panels.
We have two panels one for the “Cluster Map” tab and the second one for the “Details table” tab.

Now we have one JavaScript and a CSS and will add those stuff in places.


After adding the JS and CSS file no need to restart Splunk. Use the bump method to load the JS and CSS so that Splunk can understand the changes.

If you want to download the JS and CSS file click below.


Now go to your dashboard, click on Edit and Source.

And do these following changes as shown below.

Line1: within the <dashboard> tag add script=”tabs.js” stylesheet=”tabs.css”
Line3 to Line21: Is responsible to create two tabs as per our requirement.
Line22: within the <row> tag add id=”tab_Map”
Line38: within the <row> tag add id=”tab_Table”

Then Save the dashboard and reload the dashboard.
And that’s it,

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Hope you have understood the topic. Go ahead and make your dashboards more interactive in this way.
Happy Splunking!!

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