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Add Multiple Drill-Down In A Single Panel

Today we are going to show how you can add more than one drill-down in a single panel.
Suppose we have a dashboard called “Test drill-down new” where we have a table with counts of “method” and “status” field.

Now here we will create two drill-downs, the first one on the “method” column and another on the “status” column so let’s start.

Step 1:
Let me add the result tables of the drill-down panels first.

I have added these two panels next to my original panel these will be my drill-down panels.

Step 2:

Now in the dashboard click on Edit and go to the source code and make the following changes as shown below.

At first change the drill-down option as “cell”
Secondly, create a drill-down tag, within that create two “condition” tag for two drill-down. In the first “condition” tag creates a token as “new” for first drill-down and adds $row.<field name>$ token. In our case, it will affect on method field that’s why token named as $row.method$. In the same fashion do it for the next condition tag. Where token will be $row.status$ and set token as “old”.
In the third and fourth step edit the drill-down panel query, add those tokens “new” and “old” respectively.
Now Save it and reload the page once.

As you can see it’s working fine, from the “method” column I have select “DELETE” and from “status” column I have select “200

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If you want to download the source code of the dashboard, please click here
I hope you all have understood this topic on “Add multiple drill-down in a single panel

Happy Splunking!!

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