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Usage Of Splunk Eval Function: MVRANGE

“mvrange” is a eval function. We can use mvrange function to create a multivalue field for a range of numbers. This is very useful function for multivalue creation. 


| eval <field_name>=mvrange(X,Y,Z)

Here X is the starting number, Y is the ending number, Z is the number gap.


| head 1
| eval showrange=mvrange(1,10,3)
| table showrange


Here we want to show number between 1 and 10 with gap 3 so values will be 1,4,7.
In mvrange function first we have mentioned our starting number then our ending number after that we have given the number gap of range.


Now you can effectively utilize “mvrange” function with “eval” command to meet your requirement !!

Hope you are now comfortable in : Usage of Splunk EVAL Function : MVRANGE

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