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While logging to any Splunk Instance through web browser

If you encounter the below error on the screen:

IOError: [Errno 49] Disc quota exceeded: ‘/opt/splunk/var/run/splunk/session-‘

First of all you must do the following :
1. ssh
2. /opt/splunk/bin/splunk status
   splunkd is not running.  —-> NOT RUNNING
   splunkweb is running (PID: 14841).
3. Now,your splunkd is not running, you have to start it
   /opt/splunk/bin/splunk start splunkd
 O/P :- 
Splunk> See your world.  Maybe wish you hadn’t.
Checking prerequisites…
Checking mgmt port [8089]: open
Checking configuration…  Done.
Checking critical directories…Done
Checking indexes…
homePath=‘/opt/splunk/var/lib/splunk/XXX/db’ of index=_audit on unusable filesystem.Validating databases (splunkd validatedb) failed with code ‘1’. If you cannot resolve the issue(s) above after consulting documentation, please file a case online at http://www.splunk.com/page/submit_issue
Look at the “Red” marked lines in the above output .
The problem could exist for the XXX index.
4. Now, you go to the index directory :
   cd /opt/splunk/var/lib/splunk/XXX/db
   Delete the unwanted files/directory
   which are not being used
   Archive them to some other location/directory
5. Now, you should start the splunk :
   /opt/splunk/bin/splunk restart
Note : Hope whenever you encounter :
 IOError: [Errno 49] Disc quota exceeded: ‘/opt/splunk/var/run/splunk/session-‘
the above error, you will be able to solve it immediately!!
Happy Splunking !!!
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