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How to Add Text Input option to Splunk Dashboard

The main purpose of adding Splunk Dashboard Input is to make dashboards dynamic. There are  few easy steps to add Splunk Dashboard Input called “text input” .

Step 1:

Open a dashboard which you want to make dynamic. You can see the Edit option on top right corner of the dashboard. Click on the Edit option.


Step 2:

After clicking Edit option you can see Add Input option in the dashboard , click on that. Then click the Text option.


Step 3:

Now edit the Splunk Dashboard Input “Text Input” option . There you have to give a Label, which will be shown  on the dashboard.  Then click the check box beside Search on Change . If you don’t click this then it will not effect the dashboard. So every time you have to click the check box. Give a Token name by which value will pass. Here we have a given a token name as text_token . At last click on Apply button.



Step 4 :

You have to pass the token inside the panels which you want to make dependent upon the token. Click Edit Search  option of the panel . Token name should be enclosed by “$” sign. Also you have to mention the field name for which you want to invoke the token. Here we have given the field name as “method”. Click on the Apply button.


Step 5:

After making changes  in the dashboard click on Save button to save all the changes and refresh the dashboard tab once.


Step 6:

Finally, Splunk Dashboard Input “Text Input” option is added. Write any “method” field value inside the Text box . Depending upon the value dashboard will populate. Here we have given “DELETE” as  “method” field value and depending upon the token value we are getting results in the panel.


Hope this has helped you in achieving the below requirement without fail:

How to Add Text Input option to Splunk Dashboard

Happy Splunking !!

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  1. Based on your example is my understanding below correct

    I have a query lets call it query1 that looks at sales and I have storenumber=1 in that query I have query2 that looks at returns with storenumber=1 in the second query

    I want to add these queries to my store’s dashboard. Now in the dashboard, I want to have a box (text, dropdown, anything) where I can enter a new store number and run both those queries.

    If I enter say 2 in that box how does that 2 get replaced in the queries where store number =1 to be storenumber=2 now?

    is this where I put the token storenumber=$token here$

  2. Hey! yes you have to mention that $token to your query and that token variable would be replaced by whatever value you place in the text box


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