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How to Add Custom Emoji in Splunk Dashboard

Today we are going to make our dashboard a lot more attractive than ever only by using some colorful and meaningful emojis.
Let’s take a look at what we will do today; based on the status value we are adding some meaning full emojis to it without using any JS and CSS.

As we all know that Http Status code (200 – 299) is “Successful responses”, (300-399) is “Redirects” and more than 400 is some kind of “errors”.
Above condition, we are going to implement using some emojis.

Step 1:
Visit the below site to find your own required emoji. From there and copy it.

Click Here To Find Emojis

Step 2:

Now go to Splunk and build your query according to your requirement. With the eval command use the emojis whatever you have copied from that site.

index=_internal sourcetype=splunkd_ui_access
|stats count by status
|eval Response=case(status>199 AND status<300,"✅",status>299 AND status<400,"⚠️",status>399 AND status<500,"🚫",0=0,"❌")



Here, we took the data from the “_internal” index and “splunkd_ui_access” source type, then using “eval” command we created a field called “Response” which is constructed by the emojis.

I hope This easy but very useful tricks of Splunk which will help you to build your dashboard much more attractive.

Happy Splunking!!

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