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How to add scroll bar in the dashboard panel?

In a Splunk dashboard panel we can add lots of visualization according to our need, but in case of statistical table there can be numerous row , for that reason dashboard can be really long and which is common problem for all. So is there any solution? Yes we have. By adding a simple vertical scroll bar can neglect this problem very easily. So lets start.

Suppose we have this dashboard where we want to add a scroll bar into the second panel.


At first click edit and  go to Source code and put this html code in a dedicated panel.

  <row depends="$dont_show$">




           #name {

             overflow: auto;

             max-height: 200px;






After this save and refresh your page once, now you can see the changes.


But the problem is what if, you want to add scroll bar for only second panel?

Then need to assign a panel id, in that particular panel where scroll bar need to added.


After this save and refresh your page once, you can see the changes.


Now, I hope you have understood how to add scroll bar in the dashboard panel

Happy Splunking !!

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  1. You guys are amazing. No other website or place where I seen this many splunk knowledge sharing. I sincerely appreciate for taking your time and effort to share your valuable knowledge for the community. Very neat and clear demonstration of all the topics. Please keep this continuing. Let me know if you need any contribution from me. Happy to do it.


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