How To Add Fixed Time Range In Drop Down Option

How To Add Fixed Time Range In Drop Down Option

Hi everyone today we are back with another interesting topic of splunk. You know how to create time input and drop down input but did you ever think about creating a drop down with a fixed time range? Nope right. But if yes, then this is for you.

So let’s start with our case then, let we have a dashboard and we want to add a drop down input with fixed time like “7 PM”(where it will filter time from 7 PM yesterday to till today’s’ 7 PM )  , “12 AM” (where it will filter time from 12 AM yesterday to till today’s’ 12 AM ) and our default time will be for last 24 hours.

Step 1:
Go to your dashboard, in the right top corner click “Edit” and then click on “Add Input”, select “dropdown”.
Then  Give a label and token name.


Then go to the static tab and set the time format with “latest” and “earliest” function


Last 24 Hours =  earliest=-24h@h latest=now
7 PM = earliest=-d@d+19h latest=@d+19h
12 AM = earliest=-d@d latest=@d

And then Apply.

Step 2:
Finally pass your drop down token in your dashboard panels. If you don’t know how to pass drop down token then click on the below link.

That’s it, just save the dashboard and refresh it once and good to go.


Hope you have enjoyed this blog. From now you will be able to implement the below topic without fail.

How To Add Fixed Time Range In Drop Down Option

Happy Splunking!!

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