Businessman regrets Shouting at a Poor man | Shocking Truth | MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO

Businessman regrets Shouting at a Poor man | Shocking Truth | MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO

Guys !! I know this section is not related to SPLUNK or any technology but it is as much important as other technical posts or videos .

We spend our whole life in IT or in Offices without having much concern for them who are most precious to us or a well wishers of ours.
That’s the reason we have come up with this section to motivate the people who all are very busy in their professional life and ignore the truth of the society.

We often judge someone without knowing the whole story, we think we understand but actually we don’t! We judge them based on their appearance, actions or behavior. We don’t realize that the people we are judging may be facing a different kind of situation. We fail to perceive their side of the story or tend to be to engrossed in our own selves to understand the same.
However, if we dig deeper, we might find out the harsh reality. This helps to create a sense of empathy that we have lost somewhere down the line.

Appearance and reality” is a motivational story about how appearance often differs from reality. This is a father (Poor man) and son story that reflects upon the real-life hero, a father, who is willing to do anything to earn the bread. This motivational video tries to point out how we often miss out on these basic values and that we should watch our actions and reactions. You will get more such inspirational videos about life on KGRaapts that are all about spreading happiness and positivity.

Are we becoming cynical day by day? Have we lost our humanity?
Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination.The best is yet to come.

Judging a person does not define who they are , It defines who you are !!

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