Splunk as Latest Technology Partner For Mclaren

Splunk as Latest Technology Partner For Mclaren

McLaren, the British motor team ahead of the 2020 formula one season, has added Splunk, the data specialist company, as their latest technology partner.


The new deal includes the capturing of data by Splunk by all McLaren daily operations, in which Formula One cars are primarily included. The agreement directly facilitates to help McLaren in amplifying the performance. McLaren will do this only through Splunk’s powerful insights and machine learning capabilities. And by utilizing its data technology, it will make them able to analyze, monitor, investigate, and act on data at any scale. Also, this will improve their decision making.

Therewithal, Splunk managed to secure the brand identity of the McLaren Formula One team, even including the side pod as well as the cockpit accompanying the MCL35 race car.

 According to Zak Brown, McLaren Racing’s chief executive officer, “Data has been at the heart of everything that we are operating or doing at McLaren as well as in Formula One competitive sport too, and Splunk’s platform will enable us to continue with more by providing meaningful insight that will significantly impact our overall performance.”

Zak Brown also clears that Splunk and McLaren are both working together from the 2020 season as a partner for further expansion of McLaren.

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Besides, president and chief executive of Splunk Doug Merritt, at the same time also said few words “Splunk can help McLaren to produce tangible business outcomes through the integration of all its data at an astounding rate and on a large scale, all the way through the manufacturing line to the racing track.”


“In the racing world, performance is important, and simultaneously the data world also runs upon this rule, which will bring a great partnership for sure.”

Doug Merritt also claims that McLaren is looking forward to the Formula One 2020 season and will be rooting for the McLaren Racing team across the globe.”

Splunk will also enable McLaren to leverage the power of data from over 300 sensors on each race car, which will track everything, including fuel level, pneumatic pressure as well as battery health that can notify in real-time.

Through this new partnership, McLaren will uphold its high-performance endowment by using Splunk technologies that will provide the details on every issue, action, and activity in its enterprise.

It is McLaren’s second-biggest partnership in technology development to see after months when it has revealed its multi-year alliance with cyber defense experts Darktrace for artificial intelligence (AI). The deals augment a growing technology portfolio that already has a link to Unilever. Also, before the launch of the MCL35 vehicle on 13 February, the Travel Bag brand Tumi and the group FAI Aviation have been on board as business partners.

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