How To Integrate Tableau With Splunk

How To Integrate Tableau With Splunk

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Today we have come with a new and interesting topic of Splunk. As you know that Splunk can be integrated with almost all the tools available in this world of IT. Today we will show you how to integrate Splunk with Tableau. Before jump into the topic, we will discuss about the Tableau briefly.

Tableau: – Tableau is mainly data visualization software with a wide variety of visualizations, dashboards, and reports, etc.
Advantages: –
1) Wide variety of visualization options.
2) Easy to Implement in your server.
3) Capable of handling huge amounts of data.
4) It can be integrated with any type of tool.
5) Quick creation of the interactive dashboard.

Now let’s come back to the topic. The main motto is to bring the data from Splunk and visualize the data into Tableau.

Step 1:

Download the Tableau Desktop Trial Version.
You can also download the Tableau Desktop from the below link.
We have downloaded the 32-bit version of Tableau.


Now you can see the download file. Now install it.


Click on Continue Trial to use the trial version. You will get 14 days of free trial period.


Now you see Tableau is ready to use.

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Step 2:
Now install the Splunk ODBC driver to connect Tableau with Splunk.
Once you check your version of Splunk.


We are using 6.5.0 version of Splunk. Splunk ODBC driver is not supported by Splunk 7.x version. It is fully compatible with Splunk 6.5 .0 and below Splunk 6.5.x.
Now depending upon your Splunk version download the Splunk ODBC. We have downloaded Splunk ODBC 2.1.1 version.



You can also download the Splunk ODBC from the below link.

Now unzip it. Inside the Splunk ODBC folder you can find two drivers versions.  You have to install the appropriate version of ODBC depending upon Tableau Software. As we have installed 32- bit Tableau Desktop Software so we will install Splunk ODBC 32-bit.



While installing you have to give the credentials of the Splunk server along with the URI and management port. As you can see we have given the URI of idx-4 along with 8089 port.


After installing Splunk ODBC one .tdc file will be generated in below path.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Splunk ODBC Driver\Tableau


Copy this Splunk.tdc and paste it inside the data directory in the Tableau.
You have to paste the Splunk.tdc file in below path.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Tableau\Tableau 8.2 \Local\data


Step 3: –
Now open the Tableau Desktop. Click on Data.

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In the Data you can fin On a Server option. If you scroll below you can find the Other Databases ( ODBC ) option. Click on that.


In the DNS section write Splunk ODBC. Then click on Connect.


And do the following steps as shown below.






Step 4:-
You are now successfully connected with the Splunk Server.


Now we can select any table from the list.
These tables are mainly the saved searches list created in the Splunk.


You can then drag and drop any table and open in the workbook to create the visualization.

Example 1:

19 - Copy




Example 2:



Hope this has helped you to fulfill the below requirement without fail.

How To Integrate Tableau With Splunk


Happy Splunking!!





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