How To Add A Refresh Button In Splunk Dashboard

How To Add A Refresh Button In Splunk Dashboard

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Today we have come with a new and interesting topic of Splunk. Every time when we try to refresh our dashboard we click on refresh option of the browser or we click ctrl+ R. But few people or clients want a button in dashboard that will work same as refresh option. So we have come with a solution of this issue. Follow the below steps to add a refresh button in Splunk dashboard.

Step 1:

Open a dashboard. You can find the Edit option on the top right corner of the dashboard. Click on Edit.

Step 2:

After that you can find the Source option on the top left corner the dashboard. Click on Source.

Step 3:

Now we have to modify our Source Code of the dashboard.

Inside the fieldset tag we have written a HTML code. Also we have written the inline CSS in between the style tag. We have used a tag to create the hyperlink( mainly for refresh option). After href you have to write the Dashboard Id ( dashboard url name ).For this we have written our sample dashboard id that is refresh_button. Here we have written btn and btn-primary class to create the button. After doing all modifications click on Save to save the changes.

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Step 4:

Now see one refresh button has come on the top left side of the dashboard. Click on this Refresh button to refresh this dashboard.

You can download the source code of this sample dashboard from the below button.


Hope this has helped you in achieving the below requirement without fail:

How To Add A Refresh Button In Splunk Dashboard

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    1. In form field also it will work, Just add the code given in the source code in the “fieldset” tag . It worked for me !!

  1. I have a refresh setting on the panel on the dashboard every 10 minutes,
    What happens if the search does not finish within 10 minutes?

    1. If the search does not finish in 10 mins, that search will be still on and simultaneously that search will start again as another job id, hence will put more load on the server for running the same long running search at the same time. That’s a reason based on your search performance you should keep the refresh time for the dashboard.

  2. If I have multiple filter dropdown, then in that case this refresh button reloads the page along with all the filters set. Is there a way for this refresh to not reload the filters.

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