Adding Youtube Videos in Splunk Dashboard

Adding Youtube Videos in Splunk Dashboard

Hey guys have you ever thought of watching youtube videos in SPLUNK dashboard ??

Here we are with a sample dashboard which will let you feel the aroma of watching youtube videos in Splunk Dashboard 🙂

Step 1:

Open an existing dashboard where you want to add youtube videos. Here we have given a sample dashboard called Youtube Dashboard. You can see the Edit option on the top right corner of the dashboard. Click on Edit.


Step 2:

After clicking Edit option you will find Source option on the top left corner of the dashboard. Click on Source.


Step 3:

Now you have to edit the source code of the dashboard . Here we have added a row inside the dashboard tag and inside that row tag we have added two panels. In both the panels we have written simple html code for adding the youtube videos. In both the panels we have added two youtube videos. After editing the source code click on Save to save all the changes. 



You can download the source code of this sample dashboard from below button.


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Step 4:

Finally youtube videos have been added in Splunk Dashboard.


How to Download Iframe Code of Youtube Videos

Step 1:

Open the youtube video which you want to add in Splunk Dashboard and then click on SHARE option of that video.


Step 2:

After clicking SHARE you will find few options. Only click on Embed.


Step 3:

Copy the iframe code and paste this code inside the html tag in source code of the dashboard . Also give a value to “allowfullscreen” attribute. For fullscreen view modify the iframe code as allowfullscreen=”0″.


Hope this has helped you in achieving the below requirement without fail:

Adding Youtube Videos in Splunk Dashboard


Happy Splunking !!


  1. Do we have to manually turn on the iframes option cuz I guess it would be disabled by default

    1. Mr. Pragi,

      Thanks for your query , Yes we have to add Iframe manually in the XML code of Splunk dashboard but it needs to be added in the HTML code which could be embedded in XML.

  2. Even if you add it’s going to block the setting right due to security standards on splunk. When I tried to have a google search engine inside splunk using iframes it blocked it saying security concerns,

    1. Youtube is also a google product !! For Adding Youtube iframe settings it dint raise any security concerns.
      Now for google , how to add google search engine in Splunk Dashboard you will get a wonderful blog in maximum 48 hours !!

      Happy Splunking !!

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