Counting of a Particular Character in a Field

There are many ways to achieve the above scenario: 

   1. Using “mvcount and split”  
      | head 4 
      | eval Var=”” 
      | eval Result=(mvcount(split(Var,”.”))-1)
      | table
Var Result
Explanation :
        In the above Example,We are trying to count
        the number of “.” ( dots ) in the field
        “Var“. With the help of “split” function we
        have split the words by “.” split(Var,”.”),
        so there are three words coming “www“,
        “google” and “com” and then we are taking
        the count of these words. mvcount(split
        (Var,”.”))so, there are three words. But
        in order to achieve the output we have to
        subtract “1” from the whole output. (mvcount
        (split(Var,”.”))-1) whoes result is stored
        in a newly created field called “Result”
Hope this has helped you in achieving the below
requirement without fail :
Counting of a Particular Character in a Field
 Happy Splunking !!
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