Usage of Splunk EVAL Function : ABS

Usage of Splunk EVAL Function :  ABS is as follows :

This Function takes the “Numeric Value” as an Input and returns its Absolute Value.

Definition :

              How far a number is from zero : –

“6” is 6 away from zero,
and “−6” is also 6 away from zero.
So the absolute value of 6 is 6,
and the absolute value of −6 is also 6

      So in practice “absolute value” means to remove any 
      negative sign in front of a number, and to think of all
     numbers as positive (or zero).

            Find below the skeleton of the usage of the function “abs” with EVAL : 
                       ….. |  eval New_Field=abs(Existing_Numeric_Field)
| head 5 
| eval New_Field=-10
| eval Result=abs(New_Field)
| table New_Field,Result
Result :
New_Field Result
-10 10
-10 10
-10 10
-10 10
-10 10
Explanation :
            In the Query , we are only taking the first 5
            rows that’s why only 5 rows appear with the
            absolute value of a New_Field=-10 , i.e., 10
            ( Positive Number )
Now you can effectively utilize “abs” function with “eval” command to meet your
requirement !!
Hope you are now comfortable in : Usage of Splunk EVAL Function :  ABS

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